Disaster Initiatives offers to be your
COMMUNICATION GUIDE to help you effectively communicate to your audience during times of disaster.

Whether it is online or in-person training, consultation, or speaking at your event, Disaster Initiatives is there to teach you how to gain your audience's trust, embolden your organizational image, aid your community and most important of all...save lives as you learn how to "Relate to Communicate" throughout an emergency or disaster.

Online Courses

Enroll in the "Communicating in Crisis" online master course to gain the skills needed to communicate effectively to your audience during a disaster.

Follow the link here to enroll NOW!

In-Person Training and Consultation

Need a more traditional approach to further your education and abilities? Ask about in-person training and consultation. Email for scheduling and pricing.

Speaking Engagements and Seminars

Need a professional viewpoint, seminar, or speaking engagement? No matter the organization, be it government, corporate, or the private sector, I can assist. Contact me to see how I can help your audience understand more about effectively communicating during a crisis or disaster.

Presentation Topics

Various forms of communicating during the crisis lifecycle

The psychology of a crisis

Connecting audiences with specific forms of emergency messaging

Effective principles of the crisis communications plan

Creating a Disaster Digital Community

Best practices of an effective spokesperson during a disaster

Working with the media during a disaster

Disease outbreaks from bioterrorism

Public Health preparedness

Pandemic preparedness